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Combining my knowledge of food, nutrition and how our emotional state and lifestyle affect our health, as well as healing myself from Endometriosis and lifelong gut issues – after 20 years in private practice I’ve created a wholistic and achievable approach to regaining your health and sustained wellbeing.

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Healthy, tasty, ethical and environmentally friendly recipes for all of our different needs and cooking abilities.  You’ll find vegetarian, vegan, gluten, dairy, nut, soy and grain-free meals, snacks, drinks, smoothies and sweet things.  From the basic to exotic.

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To gather together to laugh, move, eat, drink, inspire, discover, divine, and create satisfying new connections, both within ourselves, nature and each other.


  • The fountain of knowledge + support

    The fountain of knowledge, support - emotional, inspirational and driving change - and wisdom delivered in a enriching matter of fact, assured and funny manner is Janella. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.  I was referred to Janella by a good friend and went to get advice on health and diet predominantly. But her help to me has been so much more encompassing and valuable through difficult, stressful and deeply challenging mental health times from a marriage break up and divorce. Janella is incredibly knowledgable and has a scientific, medical and natural health mind the size of the Grand Canyon. This means her advice is technically very accurate and spot on. It is pragmatic and adapted for the individual - eg I travel domestically every week fro work so Janella suggests meal ideas i can try when travelling without needing a kitchen and cooking facilities to hand!

    Michael 58, Manly NSW
  • Crohn’s: I was able to gradually come off all medications

    Seeing Janella gave me the confidence to embrace some big changes which have had amazing benefits for my overall health and wellbeing. After decades on a range of drugs for crohn's disease, I was able to gradually come off all medications. I have never felt healthier or happier!

    Chris 39, St.Peters NSW
  • Her beautiful, warm and non-judgemental personality

    Janella has a wealth of experience and knowledge covering many different modalities of natural health. Her beautiful, warm and non-judgemental personality allows you to talk freely about any topic, enabling you to improve all aspects of your life and health. Janella not only helps you improve your life, but she educates you at the same time, enabling you to navigate the world in the healthiest way possible. I have learnt so much from Janella over the years, for which I am truly grateful.

    Matt 35, Darwin QLD
  • I always get so much

    I always get so much out of our sessions. I walk out all happy and inspired. Janella has a way of always making me feel heard and supported. She has a gift that’s for sure.

    Rebecca 32, Baulkham Hills NSW
  • Empathetic, genuine, and she REALLY listens

    Empathetic, genuine, and she REALLY listens. Hard to summarise how wonderful I think Janella is in a few short sentences, but I’ll give it a go. Janella has been my naturopath for the last few years. She had helped me with various ailments, but the main thing she has done, was help pull me out of the rut of awful post natal depression after my second child. As a practitioner she is empathetic, genuine, she REALLY listens, she is realistic but firm and she is passionate. She actually makes me want to be a better person. When I leave after a consultation with her, I feel held, supported, listened to, empowered and inspired- inspired about the things that I can implement in my life to make myself feel better. She is a wealth of information on so many topics - obviously natural health, nutrition, cooking, the environment, the latest findings in relevant medical studies but for me it’s her knowledge in areas such as spirituality, metaphysics, meditation and astrology that I love. I feel as though I have a pretty good knowledge in these areas (I’m a long time yogi who loves reading and doing my own research) but whenever I see Janella I am blown away but how much I learn just by being in her presence for an hour. She is a true healer, Mother Earth, an absolute treasure. I feel so grateful to have her as my naturopath. She is always my first port of call when I need help with my health or when my moods aren’t right. I choose to see her above any other health practitioner.

    Bec 36, Lillyfield NSW
  • Ovarian Cancer

    Ovarian Cancer. I first came to see Janella for a private consultation following surgery for ovarian cancer. At the time, I had many people telling me what I needed to “do” post diagnosis, but I knew I needed simplicity; I needed a single source of credible information and support. My decision to make that first appointment with Janella was one of the best decisions of my life. Janella’s passion for, and depth of knowledge of, all things health and wellness are second to none. Her guidance – nutritionally and spiritually - has helped me evolve my life on so many levels. I now refer family, friends, and my own clients to Janella as I know, with confidence, she will provide the appropriate holistic and naturopathic direction specific to their individual needs. Janella – thank you, with love.

    Sue 42, Canberra ACT
  • Janella THANK YOU so much

    Janella THANK YOU so much from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done not only for me, but my whole family. Little did I know that when I met you back in 2015 for a consultation in Byron, that I would be able to feel the way I do now. I was stuck in overwhelming grief from the passing of my Mum, struggling with thyroid issues, stress and poor gut health and I just couldn’t shift it. You could instantly see that I needed help to get my health back on track to feel better. You were able to tailor a plan for me that was easy and exciting to do. I have never met a Naturopath before that is so generous and can give you the complete holistic experience. I will be forever grateful for the way you have inspired and encouraged me to know that I can feel better and shifted my mindset from I can’t, to “I CAN”. I feel so blessed to have met you and your belief in me has inspired me to jump in and follow my path with setting up my own healing business, so I can continue help others too.

    Annie 44, Shepparton VIC
  • One Skype consultation gave me what I needed

    Janella, through one Skype consultation, gave me a road map of diet & meditation and a mixture of herbs that have helped get me back on track. I am finally excited about everything again and can’t wait to take on the year ahead. I suffered from lack of energy and severe brain fog for years & was recently diagnosed with an auto immune disease, the treatment I received from “Specialist Doctors” was poor to say the least. Janella talked me through the deeper causes and triggers, showed me the correct foods and made me a special tonic that has changed my life. I can’t thank her enough.

    Mick 42, Loftus NSW
  • MS: I feel in control again

    I feel in control of my health again! I’ve had many consultations with Janella over the past few years after being diagnosed with MS. She has guided and supported me to make positive changes that have improved my health immensely. Janella has given me back my strength and I feel in control of my health again!  

    Maree 42, Ashfield NSW Primary School Teacher, 42
  • I absolutely adore my regular “tune-ups”

    I absolutely adore my regular “tune-ups” with Janella where she empties her wisdom and I soak up as much as I can. She has a clever knack of delivering just the right amount of knowledge. It never feels like a consultation it always feels as if I am sitting down chatting with an old friend.

    Kate 42, Glenmore Park NSW
  • I dropped about 20kg, and my psoriasis cleared up

    I dropped about 20kg, and my psoriasis cleared up. When my I first started seeing Janella in  2012 when I was suffering a pretty severe bout of psoriasis which was very uncomfortable. Under Janella’s direction I made some pretty drastic short term changes to my diet and she prescribed herbs as well. Within about 6 months my psoriasis had cleared up and as an added bonus I dropped about 20kg. To this day I have managed to keep the weight off in addition to keeping the skin condition at bay. My energy levels are also higher. Janella’s approach to naturopathy appeals to me because it addresses body, mind and spirit whilst still seeming logical. Having seen various naturopaths over the years, I find Janella’s consultations to be much more thorough, intuitive and practical. I also look forward to them. Basically her approach is very tailored to what will work for the client and their lifestyle.I continue to see her as part of my general wellbeing ‘regime’. As long as Janella is practicing I could not imagine seeing another naturopath!

    Joel 42, Bondi Junction NSW
  • Can’t put her book down!

    I received your book in the mail yesterday. I read the first few pages then closed the book and started to feel quite emotional! I knew that in my hands was a great deal of valuable information. I haven't been able to put it down! I have read a lot of information over the years and you have put it all into this one book!


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