MTHFR gene mutation

This Week Highlight is the MTHFR gene mutation. Around 40-60% of us have this mutation – including myself – so it’s pretty important we learn more about it and how it’s affecting our health.

Basically what this is about is ‘methylation’ and your liver. Your major organ of detoxification – your liver – can’t do its job properly, so we’re holding onto those toxins that would otherwise be detoxified, (removed).

Due to this, having a mutation is one or both ‘snips’ (more to come on this) of the MTHFR gene will also cause ‘Estrogen Dominance’ – hello endometriosis, weight gain, intense emotions, some cancers etc.

Other symptoms include – food intolerances, behavioural issues, cardiovascular problems disease, psychological issues, miscarriage, infertility, body aches, and so, so much more.

It’s an intense and sometimes overwhelming topic, so I’m going to make this week as clear and concise as possible.

First up – keep you liver working as efficiently as possible. I use and recommend lots of Lifestream� products when I’m treating clients, particularly ‘Essential Greens +’ and ‘Ultimate Veggies’.


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