‘Ingredient Of The Week’ is – Cooking Oils


‘Ingredient Of The Week’ is – Cooking Oils. A lot of you ask which ones are best to cook with due to their Smoke Point, toxic levels and nutritional content. So over this week I’ll do my best to answer these questions as well as post recipes and storage tips. Let’s start with an oils ‘Smoking Point’. What does this mean?

Put ur skillet on pan on the stove and pour in a couple of tablespoons of oil, turn up the heat and see how long it tastes before you have thick, black smoke coming out of the pan. The oils ‘Smoke Point’ was reached.

The smoke point of oils and fats is the temperature when it breaks down and fails as a lubricant. When oil breaks down it forms a whole host of toxic compounds, including carcinogens – the stuff that can give you cancer. There are also things in that broken oil that will cause foods to stick and taste awful. Knowing how hot the oil you are using can get will help you avoid the Smoke Point. Below is a list of the most popular oils and fats. #CookingOilWeek

Safflower Oil, unrefined 107°C
Sunflower Oil, unrefined 107°C
Peanut Oil, unrefined 160°C
Olive Oil, extra virgin 160°C
Safflower Oil, semi-refined 160°C
Coconut, virgin 177oC
Butter 177oC
Grape Seed 204oC
Olive Oil, extra virgin 206°C
Macadamia Oil 210oC
Olive Oil, virgin 210°C
Coconut refined + stabilised 232oC
Peanut Oil, refined 232°C
Safflower Oil, refined 232°C
Sunflower Oil, refined 232°C
Olive Oil, extra light 243°C
Ric Bran 240oC
Avocado Oil 270°C

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