A New Year Detox: Without Changing Your Diet

(2nd Blog for December 2014) Image -The benefits of infrared sauna.   DIY Detox’: Cleanse, detox and alkaline both your […]

Buckwheat Week: How to use it.

Below – buckwheat porridge, buckwheat salad, buckwheat pancakes, buckwheat soba noodles and buckwheat risotto.

Buckwheat Week: Buckwheat and Cacao Pancakes.

A gorgeous recipe from my new book ‘Janella’s Super Natural Foods’. An easy recipe using raw cacao powder and buckwheat […]

Buckwheat Week: Buckwheat Crêpes.

Leave the batter in the fridge overnight if you can, then bring it to room temp before using. Keep the […]

Buckwheat Week: 100% Buckwheat Soba Noodles.

Look for these without wheat – most brands will use wheat flour. Recipe below is for the main image. The […]

Millet Week: Recipe for ‘Japanese Millet and Quinoa Balls’.

Recipe from ‘Eating For The Seasons’. Make lots and freeze them, or just freeze the mixture. PulI it out of […]

Millet Week: Puffed Millet.

The millet is cooked before puffing. I have many recipes using puffed grains like millet, quinoa, brown rice or amaranth […]

Millet Week: 14 reasons to include it in your diet.

Millet is so nutritious, and is considered to be one of the most digestible and non-allergenic grains available. It has […]

Millet Week: The oldest cultivated variety of cereal in the world.

Millet Week: The oldest cultivated variety of cereal in the world, an important basic foodstuff in Africa & Central Asia. […]

Millet Week: Hypo-thyroidism and Millet.

Millet doesn’t contain gluten, but it does contain goitrogens. These are those substances in food that suppress thyroid activity and […]

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