Blueberry Yogurt Smoothies.

  TO MAKE: 1 cup sugar free, full fat yogurt. 1 cup fruit – blueberries, peaches, pineapple, banana. 1/4 cup […]

Spring salad lunches

Spring Salad for lunch today. It’s so yummy. There are quite a few ingredients in this – just coz I […]

Green peach smoothie

Local stone fruits and grapes won’t be available until we get closer to Xmas, so save this one for summer, […]

Peanut Butter Brekky Shake

Use cacao powder, frozen (or not) banana, peanut or a nut butter, and a base of coconut, almond, rice, organic […]

It’s Spring

It’s Spring and although it doesn’t feel like it everywhere, I thought I’d spend some time getting us all prepared […]

San choi bao

Just toss it all in a wok then slide into lettuce cups. It couldn’t be easier really. Leave the kecap […]

‘Raw Carrot and Coconut Soup’.

Spring is the time to start including a little more raw and quickly cooked food. All you need for this […]

‘Nori Rolls with Millet and Avocado’.

Stuck for lunchbox ideas? Have the millet cooked in the fridge and assemble in the morning, or prepare the whole […]

Rocket & mint hummus

‘Rocket + Mint Hummus’ – perfect for Spring. Besides using as a dip, use it as a spread on wraps […]

‘Lean Green Soup’.

This is a perfect recipe for Spring, and also for those times when you want to eat lightly – but […]