July is retrograde month… 

Hi, I’m Alicia, lover of all things in the sky above. My wish is for astrology to bring understanding, insight […]

Alzheimer’s Disease Week: Lifestyle Changes

– Exercise: 20 minutes of aerobic/cardio’ exercise daily will turn on the production of BDNF (brain-derived neurotropic factor), the brain’s […]

Alzheimer’s Disease Week: Essential Oils

Frankincense and Rosemary are your oils of choice. HOW TO USE them… – Add a few drop to your vaporiser. […]

Alzheimer’s Disease Week: Herbal Medicine

– Brain Function: especially Turmeric, Gingko, Lion’s Mane and Panax Ginseng – Antioxidants like Green Tea, Pomegranate, Nigella, Cinnamon, – […]

Alzheimer’s Disease Week: Supplements

3 – Vitamin D: A severe deficiency may increase your risk of dementia by over 100% – Omega 3 DHA: […]

Alzheimer’s Disease Week: Foods To Avoid

– Studies show people with higher levels of pesticides in their blood, face a higher risk of Alzheimer’s disease. – […]

Alzheimer’s Disease Week: Foods To Include

Currently western medicine has no effective treatments, instead using medications to reduce dementia symptoms. The average person with Alzheimers is […]