Adrenal Fatigue (AF) 

Adrenal Fatigue is nothing new. Obviously we humans have lived through periods of chronic stress over the millennia, surviving terrible wars, famine, natural disasters and disease. It wasn’t until a French Doctor named Emile Sargent first described AF in medical literature in1898, after an epidemic of influenza, that it became part of our consciousness, and diagnoses, almost 100 years later.

Prolonged stress – physical, mental or emotional, which seems to be the norm’ in the 21 century, I believe is behind most of our health issues today. That, and toxic chemicals, and the two together are a disastrous combo’.


Symptoms – How many do you have? 

Chronic fatigue, and not just tired, especially in the morning  

Feeling overwhelmed

Weight gain, especially around the abdomen

Body aches

Trouble concentrating

Failing memory and recall

Fast nose breathing 

Sagging skin, age spots, stretch marks, broken capillaries, skin tags around neck and groin, dry skin, cellulite

Attracted to alcohol  

Low or no libido

Muscle aches and weakness

Bone loss

Low cortisol (after it being high for too long) increases inflammation in your body  


Hair loss

Signs of blood sugar imbalance like crankiness, fatigue, intolerant, hungry with constant cravings

Craving for salty and sweet foods

Swollen ankles and aching calves – worse in the evening

Feeling dizzy and lightheaded when rising from sitting or lying, or getting out of the bath 

Low or high blood pressure

Multiple food sensitivities 

Premature ageing

Frequent urination 

Increased sodium retention and water absorption in the intestines

Intolerance to potassium foods 

Forgetting words mid sentence

Mood changes like irritability, depression, anxiety and frustration

Reproductive issues like ovarian cysts, Endo’, PCOS, irregular periods, and unexplained fertility.  

Autoimmune patients will have low cortisol 

High cortisol will interfere with the functioning of your white blood cells (immunity) 

Elevated levels of cortisol, if prolonged, can lead to a breakdown of proteins and muscle wasting.

AF is often found holding hands with thyroid disease. 

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  • Mary McKenzie

    I have just stopped taking Cortisol after 9 years of steroids. These began following a stem cell transplant foe AML o. 2009.
    After reducing my dosage which had been 25mg in 12.5 mg pm I lost 5 kg. Following the cessation about 4 is ago I have lost a further 2 and my cholesterol has come down to 7-6-5 points. Early cataracts and blood glucose 6 still remain
    I feel so tired, fatigued, no energy, occ mild nausea lack of appetite and spasmodic diarrhoe. My aches and pains are constant and as I’m on blood thinners can’t take anti inflammatories!
    I do not want to go back on the steroids but am at a loss as to what ican do
    I am 75 and have been declared cured from my leukaemia which in itself is a miracle. Would love some advice!

  • Kim

    Wow! This reads as if it’s been written about me ?

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