Adrenal fatigue- Are your glands making you fat?

AF can result if stress is prolonged – either physically or emotionally. AF can lead to Adrenal Collapse, Fibromyalgia, thyroid issues, infertility, and many more health problems.

Learning about AF is somewhat overwhelming as there is soooo much info on it out there, and it’s all so complex – causing us to feel overwhelmed, inadequate and ultimately hopeless. What often results is the ol’ ‘head in the sand number’, as there usually isn’t even the tiniest bit of energy left for anything other than breathing or sleeping.

I truly believe that the number one thing we need to ‘do’ here is not ‘do’, but BE. DOing is yang (action) and yin is Being (inaction). Often with AF we have done too much doing, and not enough being – and for way too long. Too many cross fit classes, too many 6am yoga classes, negative thoughts, too many late nights, too much anger or booze, too much pain (physical and emotional), too much work – too much giving. It’s time to give yourself a big break by doing LESS.

This is the most challenging part of the healing process I believe – that is, feeling ok about daytime naps, feeling ok about leaving everyone and getting into bed early, doing all the housework after a long day at work, constantly rushing, doing all the driving across town and back in peak hour traffic, not going for that run today or tomorrow or even this year – or listening to your distressed friend yet again, everything. The guilt of self-care is ever present for many of us.

It’s very important we learn to manage our stress by learning a mediation technique, doing gentle exercise and practicing Mindfulness. Less is more. Self Love is the key.

I’ll be posting on the supplements and herbs to take for AF, other lifestyle changes to make, and the correct diet to help get through this challenging time

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