Aloe Vera Week: What to look for in a brand to choose to ensure you are getting the best quality product?

Aloe 1.25_FREE Aloe Gel 100ml

· Independently Certified by the ‘International Aloe Science Council’.
· Registered with the TGA for it’s therapeutic benefits. No Aloe bought in a grocery store has this.
· Guaranteed to contain no Aloin (which is a laxative) – this comes down to exceptional manufacturing to get only the inner gel.
· Not reconstituted from powder.
· 100% GMO free, herbicide and pesticide free. #lifestream

Lifestream is my preferred brand. I use it and it works, which is why I keep going back for more. And it tastes almost like nothing. For those who don’t like the taste on any level, Lifestream have got different flavours – AloeMint (natural peppermint added), and AloeBERRY (NZ Blackcurrant added). #AloeWeek

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