Apple Cider Vinegar – for Beauty and Body Care.

acv care

1. Hair Mask – Use ACV to remove build on hair up from hair car or contaminants in water. The acetic acid, the main ingredient in ACV will balance your hair’s pH level, promote hair growth by stimulating the scalp, treat dandruff, and give your hair extra bounce, body, and shine. Mix 1/3 cup apple cider vinegar with 1 litre of clean water. Shampoo your hair as your normally would with a paraben and sulphate -free shampoo, (or use a mixture of 1 tsp bicarb and 1 litre of water) and rinse well. Apply the mixture (a spray bottle is handy here) and leave it on for one minute then rinse with cold water to lock in the shine. There’s no need to condition afterwards, and doing so may reduce the benefits of the rinse. You can use this rinse about once a week.

2. Face Mask fro Oily Skin: ACV can be used on the face to reduce inflammation (redness, eczema, acne) and prevent breakouts. Get some bentonite clay (powder) from your health food store. This will help clear your pores and detoxify your skin. Mix together equal parts of ACV and the clay powder. If this recipe is too strong for your skin, (test first) replace half of the ACV with warm water. Spread a thick, even layer over the your face (I use a small fan brush) and leave on for 10 minutes. You’ll feel your skin tingle as the mask is drying. Rinse off with warm water, then moisturise. (Coconut oil would be nice.) Don’t freak out if your skin looks red after. This is normal and will disappear within a half hour. Do this mask once a week. (Pictured below)

3. Deodorant. All you have to do is apply some to your underarms with a (organic or GMO free) cotton ball, or use it from a spray bottle. It will have a strong scent at first, but that will soon go away. Dilute 50/50 if you have sensitive skin and perhaps add an therapeutic essential oil like tea tree or cinnamon.

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