APPLE CIDER VINEGAR (The Elixir of Life).

Let’s take a look at other ways we can cleanse in Spring. Cleansing means eliminating toxins from our body (de-tox) whilst ideally slowly down the re-tox, and this isn’t only about cleaner eating and drinking cleaner. APPLE CIDER VINEGAR –

What: The vinegar must be raw, non-pasteurized, apple cider vinegar. All other vinegars are acid forming.

Why: This Elixir helps to oxygenate the cells, improve circulation, balance your pH, normalize thyroid function and metabolism, rid the body of lactic acid and calcium deposits, increase circulation, absorption, and assimilation of vitamins and minerals.

How: Make a simple mixture of vinegar & (optional) raw honey. You can add some clean water if you like. Some people like to mix them together in the morning and drink it like this – a straight shot of vinegar and a shot of honey. Or try this ancient formula – Mix 1 cup of the apple cider vinegar with ½ cup of honey (can use less or more honey, depending on your taste) and have 3 tablespoons spread out throughout the day. Or dilute it in more water or in tea – this won’t weaken its potency – and drink it all in one day.


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