Bitter Flavours

For thousands of years, bitter herbs have been used in alternative healing. Known as “BITTERS,” these herbs, drinks and foods have been used to improve digestion and counter inflammation.

A “bitter herb” is essentially any herb that possesses a bitter taste.

Historically, people have used this group of plants for ceremony, healing, and cooking. Ranging from mild to strong, these herbs can be as light as chamomile or as strong as rue.


In Germany, there are 20 million doses of bitters taken every day. The Italians and Swiss are also famous bitter-takers, and it just so happens they don’t have anywhere near our level of digestive problems. ‪#‎SwedishBitters‬ can be found at health food stores


Gentian Root (Gentiana lutea) has been used in European and Eastern herbal medicine throughout the 3,000 years since its discovery to treat gallbladder problems and as a bitter tonic to improve digestion.

Ask for it in your health food store. Take as directed on the bottle

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