BITTER TASTE RECEPTORS (T2 receptors or T2R’s).

Until very recently the thinking was that a bitter herb needed to be tasted on the tongue so that the T2R’s were stimulated, and consequently releasing digestives enzymes from the pancreas in preparation of the food coming.

We now know that T2R’s are not restricted to the tongue but are distributed throughout the stomach, intestine and pancreas, (and also the nasal passage, lungs and heart).

So this means that that humble bitter herb or food keeps working all the way down the gut.

Fancy a rocket and endive salad tonight? Or how about some Brussels sprouts sautéed in olive oil with mushrooms, thyme, garlic and unrefined salt. (My latest obsession and best way to get veggies into my new husband. Yes, he likes a dollop of organic butter in his at the end.)


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