There are many reasons we get sick. Stress is a big one, poor quality food is another. Not getting enough sleep and rest is up there as a major contributor also. Over prescribing of medication can also affect our immune system as can a broken heart or a shock.

This week I’ll be looking at foods, supplements, lifestyle factors, and emotional and environmental issues that can and do affect our immune system.

Having a strong immune system is our number one defense against disease.

Hippocrates said something similar to ‘all disease starts in the gut’. Well these days I don’t know if it’s 100% of all disease as there are other factors that can play a part, but if approx 80% of our immunity is located in our digestive system, then having a healthy gut just got a whole lot more important.

An optimal balance of intestinal bacteria is about 85 percent “good bacteria” and 15 percent “bad”, and an imbalance is the nutritional cause of most health issues.

The helpful bacteria produce a substance that kills harmful microbes that will help to prevent allergies, among other symptoms of immune deficiency.


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