Cacao Week: ‘Cacao + Coconut Crackles’


OMG! These are great. I also added one cup of puffed millet to this lot – as you can see in the picture. You can put these into patty cases if you like of course. Either way – you’ll wanna be makin’ these heavenly bites. Experiment with different nuts, seeds and puffs, but always keep the raw cacao powder in.

Cacao, literally meaning ‘Food of the Gods’, this amazing bean was once used as currency in Mexico, before money. It has around 621 anti-oxidants, whereas blueberries have around 22. Yep this little bean is loaded with agents that fight oxidative stress – what makes up sick and age. It’s also one of the highest sources of magnesium so really good for aching, tight and sore muscles, heart health, anxiety or a twitching eye. And you need magnesium to get calcium into your bones and teeth. It’s also packed with fibre so it’s lovely to help elimination thereby aiding bowel health, curb sugar cravings and decrease an insatiable appetite.

How about adding a teaspoon to your coffee to make a very healthy mocha, or add it to your Smoothies, Truffles, Bliss Balls, Jaffa Mousse. All recipes found using my ‘search site’ on my website.

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