Calcium- for PMT

Calcium is a very important mineral when it comes to pre-menstrual tension. It can ease depression, moodiness, water retention and PMS pain. Adults need about 1,000 milligrams a day, and most of use aren’t getting enough. A serving of sugar-free, full fat yogurt contains about 300 milligrams of calcium. Quinoa is another good source (80mg in 1 cup), as is broccoli (100mg in 2/3 cup), almonds (35mg in 10 almonds), kale (101mg in 1 cup, raw), bok choy (74mg in one cup, raw), organic soy (434g in 1/2 cup), sardines (351mg in one can), canned wild alaskan salmon (232 in 100g, canned), white beans like navy (62 in half cup, cooked), full fat cow’s milk (305mg in 1 cup).

Sometimes a supplement is necessary, especially when dealing with nasty PMT. Lifestream calcium available at health food stores and good pharmacies throughout Oz and Nz, or on-line at –

‪#‎GoodFish‬ available in heath food and specialty stores. Cheat out Olive Green Organics for stockists.


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