Traditionally, native medicine practioners and herbalists have recommended Camu Camu for –

  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Improving symptoms of herpes infections, including mouth blisters, genital blisters, shingles blisters and other viral infections;
  • Promoting energy and vitality of people with chronic immune dysfunction;
  • Strengthening the nervous system;
  • Supporting healthy levels of white blood cell formation;
  • Detoxifying the body, especially the liver;
  • Promoting health of upper respiratory organs, including lungs, sinuses, nasal passages;
  • Promoting a healthy heart and circulatory system.

It has the additional benefit of being non-irritating to sensitive stomachs and bladders.

Although the number of milligrams of Vitamin C, which Camu-Camu contains, is low compared to the milligrams in synthetically derived Vitamin C tablets, the effects on the human body are incomparable. Because of its food form, with bioflavanoids and other phytochemicals, clinical evidence suggests that it is far more effective, milligram for milligram, than synthetic Vitamin C (ascorbic acid).’ From Loving Earth website.


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