Different types of SALT- Which one is best?

The type of salt that has the least amount of processing is the one we want, and one that has had nothing added or taken away. It’s perfect the way nature made it so why mess with it. Once you’ve used these types of salts, there is no going back to table salt. Not even to use as your ‘cooking, preserving or pickling salt’. First up, Celtic Salt.



celtic salt cultivation

Light grey Celtic sea salt is dried only by the summer wind and sun. It is not refined at all by any processing.
Seawater is filtered and boiled which removes any impurities. It’s then heated until the salt crystallizes. The ‘drawing’ of the salt is traditionally done by hand from the pans. This takes skill. Natural Celtic sea salt is light grey in color, which comes from the sea minerals and clay found in the salt flats. The clay ionizes the minerals in the salt, making it even more beneficial. This salt is moist and will retain this moisture even when stored in a cool place for a long period of time.

This coarse salt is best used in cooking. For use on the table, get it ‘fine’, or you can grind it with a ceramic salt grinder or a mortar and pestle. Avoid metal grinders and grind only as you need for best results.

celtic salt

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