Fermented foods – for immunity

Historically, people used cultured or fermented foods to support their intestinal and overall health, way before the invention of the probiotic supplement.

Yoghurt, quark, sauerkraut, kim chi, kombucha, tempeh and miso paste are good sources of natural, healthy bacteria. (My fridge below with Byron Bay Miso paste, fermented veg’ from ‘Janella’s Super Natural Foods’ and @byronbaytempeh)

One of the best and least expensive ways to get healthy bacteria through your diet is to make your own kefir using raw cows or goats milk, or even coconut water.

Add some kefir granules – available from your health food store or on line – in some raw milk or coconut water – which you leave at room temperature over night. This kefir will have loads more active bacteria than you can possibly purchase in any probiotics supplement.

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