A healthy adult can properly digest 25-50 grams of fructose per day, but many people have difficulty digesting less than that, and some of us struggle digesting any fructose at all. Fructose intake should be kept to around 3 g/serving. A can of soft drink for example contains 20-35 grams.

Short Term Symptoms – Immediate symptoms that may and do occur within minutes of eating foods high in fructose, that can persist for days – flatulence, bloating and distension (from fructose fermenting in the small and large intestine). Amongst many others.

How To Treat it – Removing fructose from your diet can eliminate all symptoms and restore normal digestion, with health and wellbeing returning. After you have been symptom-free for about 3 months, you can gradually re-introduce small amounts of many of the whole foods that previously caused problems, one at a time.

For more info, including a fructose food chart – go to my website and type FRUCTOSE into the search engine. There’s also an article on ‘Fructose Malabsorption’ on my ARTICLES page. www.janellapurcell.com

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