GINGER- Beneficial for our body

It’s that time of year again when there is less moisture in the air, so we start to experience symptoms of dryness – cracked lips, constipation, dry skin, dandruff and coughs. Ginger is a pungent flavour that has a great effect on the lungs and helps to reduce inflammation.

Ginger is an ancient Chinese herb with a 2500-year-old reputation as an herbal remedy. It contains many phyto – (plant) chemicals that help the lungs function more effectively.


1. Detox – Ginger promotes your respiratory health by helping to eliminate air pollutants, tobacco smoke and perfumes out of the air passages. It also relieves congestion, as well as improves circulation to the lungs, thus reducing the severity of many chronic lung-diseases such as bronchitis.

2. Asthma – Ginger is often recommended for asthma patients. Asthma is a long-term disease that is characterized by the inflammation of the air passages of your lungs. Ginger helps control this inflammation so you feel and breathe better.

3. Pungent flavour- According to ‘Traditional Chinese Medicine’ this is the flavour associated with the lungs and is especially recommended during Autumn when our lungs are their most sensitive. The emotions stored in the lungs are grief and sadness.

TIP-Ever found it a little tricky to peel ginger with a knife? Or even a peeler? Well…Try using a spoon!:

peel ginger

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