HORMONE DISRUPTORS for Endometriosis

Reduce your exposure to man-made oestrogen’s as much as you can. Many of us are regularly detoxing from chemicals in our food, but what about the man-made chemicals in our cosmetics?

It’s estimated the average woman applies 515 chemicals to her body a day. That’s a lot right? Taking these unnecessary and toxic chemicals out of your life will free up your organs of elimination allowing them to detox’ more efficiently, instead of the heavy burden they’re under before these chemicals are removed.

When dealing with Endo’, we really don’t need any more oestrogen in our bodies, especially the highly toxic, synthetic type.

Buy ORGANIC or at least sulphate and paraben-free, in BPA free plastic bottles. Or better still – make you own using essential oils, coconut/hemp/almond/avocado/macadamia oil and bi-carb.

Check out my website for info’ on DIY cosmetics and cleaning products. (use search engine)

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