How To Preserve Lemons

What you need – good salt. I used Himalayan here from @ByronBayHealthySaltCo. Large, pretty, glass jars- washed in really hot water and natural detergent then rinsed in hot water again. Loads of lemons washed, dried and any stems removed.
lemon salt 1

Step 1. Quarter each lemon leaving bottom inch in tact. Generously rub salt inside and outside of lemon.
lemon salt 2

Step 2. Place 2 tbsp salt on base of jar them push lemons in as firmly as you can, releasing some of their juice as you do. Squeeze enough lemons to completely cover, then sprinkle with another tablespoon of salt before sealing. I added a tbls or so of coriander seeds also. I used about 1 1/2 cups salt and 10 whole lemons, then juiced another 7 to cover. Shake everyday for 3 days then store away from direct sunlight for 6 weeks. Now to juice the lemons for the second bottle – in background. They’ll last like this out of the fridge for about 12 -18 months.
lemon salt 3

To use, take a quarter of a lemon and remove flesh song a knife. Finely slice or dice then add to your curry, salad, fritters, frittata, soups, hummus and other dips, casseroles etc.

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