Importance of exercise for AF.


Exercise. It’s really important not to exert yourself too much when your adrenal glands (your petrol tank) is already empty. Doing wheelies everyday, whilst accelerating will only lead to complete burnout.

Gente exercise is recommended now, and sometimes in the beginning not even that. Things like the Chinese martial art Qi Gong is perfect, as is Tai Qi. Gently and mindful walking is an elixir in itself and when it comes to yoga – go for Yin, Hatha or restorative yoga not Bikram, Asthanga or even Iyengar at this point. Pilates will also be very helpful, as will be swimming.

Absolutely no Cross Fit or Spin classes, and forget about your running for now, and Boot Camp – NO! This is a time to ‘restore’ not ‘drain’. We need to put energy IN not give it away.

I personally found not running the hardest thing to ‘do’. Not because I loved running so much (and I still do) but because it helped me keep my weight down and my body fit and toned. But, it contributed to my own AF, plus – if I was truly honest with myself, even the thought of going for a run exhausted me. Sound familiar?

Re-learning what our bodies truly need is a huge challenge. It’s a fight between the heart and the head – the soul and the ego.

Listening, really listening to our bodies is an art and one that will always pay off. It’s not forever, just until you’re petrol tank is filled again. Surrender to ‘Less Is More’.

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