Janella’s Chemical Free Week: The Worm is Turning

Interested in finding out more about our food production? The Worm is Turning is a must see. (I own the DVD and have watched it a few times now.)

“We’re eating World War 2’s leftovers!” For the past 70 years chemical agriculture has been waging war on life.

This is the story of how corporate agribusiness is taking over the world’s food production revealed through historical archival footage, and shows how this system is destroying people’s health, economies and the ecology of the world.

Filmed on location in India, USA, Thailand, Indonesia and Australia The Worm is Turning shows through amazing examples of ecological farming that in fact small ecological farms are more productive, they can feed more people better, and at the same time restore the environment. e c o l o g i c a l f a r m i n g is THE REAL REVOLUTION.’

Check this film out. Afterwards you’ll want to be buying organic or at least spray free if you’re not already.


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