Janella’s Cleanse Week: PSYLLIUM HUSKS.

Instead of skipping breakfast – especially if you’re wanting to lose a few kilos and boost your energy levels – a green smoothie with psyllium is ideal as you can get all your nutritional needs in one glass. And some…

Add psyllium husks to keep you feeling full for longer and to help remove toxins from your body via your bowel. And #spirulina, #wheatgrass and/or #chlorella – for their ability to detox and cleanse via your liver.

I use Lifestream‘s ‘Essential Greens+’, and ‘Bowel Biotics Fibre’ that includes psyllium husks and loads of pre and pro-biotics for great gut health.

Top with 1.5 cups of coconut water, and pineapple or paw paw for their ability to stimulate digestive enzymes and blend. You’re on your way to achieving great health from the inside out.



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