Janella’s Energy Boosting Week: CAFFEINE.

Caffeine. Yes or No? Recently, independent scientific research has linked a number of coffee’s compounds, including caffeine, to a series of benefits.

Caffeine boosts the release of adrenaline, making the heart beat faster, sending more blood to your muscles and getting your liver to release sugar into the bloodstream for energy. So far so good.

So it seems that yes, after all – a moderate amount of naturally occurring caffeine from coffee can have healthy, energising benefit – but overdoing caffeine can be harmful. And that level is individual to each of us. (If you’re suffering with ‘Adrenal Fatigue’ (AF) and it’s accompanying symptoms, then it really is best to avoid caffeine of all types for a while.)

Personally I can have one (2 at a stretch) in the morning – and love it, but if I have one anytime after lunch I get queasy, jumpy and just feel awful.

Please avoid instant coffee, unless organic, and try to drink and eat only organic, and preferably ‘fair trade’ coffee beans. And locally grown if you can source it.

Byron Bay hinterland (my home) has been producing some pretty fine coffee beans for over 15 years now. ‘The sub-tropical climate and rich volcanic soils of the Byron Bay hinterland create an ideal climate for growing premium coffee. Mild temperatures, lots of rain, and a thick layer of rich volcanic soil. And grown organically.’ Byron Beans Coffee


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