Janella’s Green Xmas- trees

Unless you’ve already got an artificial tree you’ve been using for years, there’s no real need to buy one. They are often made in factories abroad so you’re dealing with fight miles and all that goes with that, plus they can contain toxic hormone disrupting toxins, and/or lead.

If you reaaallllllyyyyy still want an artificial tree, why not look on eBay or Gumtree, or check out vintage stores.

If you’re in the market for a live Christmas tree, have a look at your local farmer’s market for an organically grown one, or at least ‘spray-free’. It’s even better if you can get a living plant from your nursery or farmer’s market with a root ball attached, and after Christmas, you can plant it in your yard!

If you don’t have room for a tree, consider other natural options like simple branches, potted miniature trees, or rosemary bushes. Or forgo a traditional tree altogether for a cardboard or wood version. How cool is this one?


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