JanellasMTHFRWeek: Your illness doesn’t define you

Its really important not to identify with this gene mutation if you have it, or any illness in fact. As the saying goes, “Genes load the gun, environment pulls the trigger.” (More on epi-gentics this week.)

My ‘trigger’ was a miscarriage, and 12 months later in 2014 I was diagnosed with a MTHFR A1298C (heterozygous) mutation. (And Adrenal Fatigue.) I felt like I was never going to get on top of my health issues now, even though I was ‘doing everything right’. And guess what? 2 years later – I feel great again. And more than excited about how much I’ve learnt about the human body in the past 3 years.

MTHFR? WTF? At first I was overwhelmed by all the conflicting information I was getting from different MTHFR specialists, I was on a thousand supplements (I hate taking tablets and needles) – and was getting worse! If I couldn’t get a handle on what to do – as an experienced health professional – what chance would the average person have?

The grief deepened. I was on a mission to get well though, and for me I finally realised that meant practicing The 4th ‘Spiritual Law Of Success’ -‘The Law Of Least Effort’. (More on this later also.)

Before this realisation I was angry, I felt victimised, scared and panicky most of the time. I felt this diagnosis fully explained my whole life – the Endometriosis, food intolerances, weight issues, fatigue, anxiety, (ok, so slightly OCD maybe), adrenal fatigue and so on. But did it?

Remember that MTHFR mutations aren’t making you sick, per se -but they probably will cause an exaggerated response to a poor diet and lifestyle choices, or your own personal ‘trigger’. The thing that just pushed you over. Things you see other people “getting away with” – you just can’t.

A clean, organic, whole food diet is just so important here. As is removing as many toxic chemicals as you can from your life. You’ll also need techniques and tools to manage your stress. It’s time for a clean-out – emotionally, physically and mentally. Time for a change.

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