Loosing your hair? Lifestyle factors that may help slow down the process.

– use natural/organic haircare products—commercial products will slowly but surely weaken your hair and rid it of its natural oils
– get a good brush with soft, round bristles – and brush you hair and scalp daily
– if you colour your hair, use a natural dye—available from health food stores and more and more salons
– be gentle with your hair when it’s wet as it is more elastic and will break easily. Comb it now, avoid brushing
– use a wide-tooth comb or brush, as fine teeth may pull out your hair if it’s dry and knotty
– if you are suddenly losing a lot of hair, see your healthcare practitioner
– massage your scalp regularly
– headstands, downward dog and other inverted yoga poses, encourage improved circulation to the head
– Decrease the amount of chemicals you’re using – including any styling products. You can get natural ones thes days, that work.
– Avoid too much heat on your hair and scalp – meaning a really hot shower, hairdryer, regular saunas
– try to not make matters worse by constantly styling, coloring, or bleaching your hair
– wash your hair as infrequently as you can manage, but brush it daily.
– stress, poor nutrition, sleep deprivation and illness will affect how your hair looks and feels
– hypothyroidism can cause hair loss, so check you don’t suffer from this
– consider getting acupuncture to treat you kidney/adrenals.

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