Men’s health- SNORING


1. Essential Oils
Thyme and Eucalyptus oil. Apply a few drops directly on the feet and wrists at bedtime, either straight or mixed with a little olive oil if you have sensitive skin. Or you can, fill a bowl with boiling water and the oils, then place your face over the bowl, cover your head with a towel and breathe…deeply. Doing this clears the nose and decreases swelling in the airway.

2. Olive oil.
Moisten tissues in your throst by sipping a small amount of olive oil. This will help the air may move through the airways more smoothly and you’ll snore less.

3. Honey
Swallow a teaspoon of raw honey before sleep, for the same reason as #2.

4. Turmeric in warm milk
Make it organic or A2 cows milk, or use a milk like almond, rice, organic soy or coconut, as cows milk can cause phlegm, which will make snoring worse. (You could put the honey and olive oil in here also.)

5. Clear nasal passages
Try a few drops of eucalyptus oil on a hanky before bed or dilute in olive oil and dab under your nose. A clogged nose is a major cause of snoring, it makes it difficult to breathe while sleeping which results in snoring. Its important to keep nasal passages clear while sleeping, it also creates a vacuum in the throat which leads to snoring. Your nose can be somewhat cleared by giving it a good blow before you go to bed.

6. Avoid alcohol
Alcohol is a muscle relaxant. Drinking alcohol makes the muscles of the throat collapse which creates obstruction in your airway which leads to snoring.

7. Don’t overeat before bed
Eating right before bed can cause snoring, a heavy meal – or a pig out on any food – before bed leaves no times for digestion. A full stomach puts pressure on the diaphragm which puts pressure on airways, result in snoring.

8. Being Overweight
Carrying too much weight will increase the fatty tissue in the back of your throat which will increase snoring.

9. Raise your head in bed
Raising the head of your bed can put an end to your snoring by avoiding the collapse of your airways which reduces snoring.

10. Don’t sleep flat on your back
This makes the base of the tongue and soft palate collapse towards the back of throat which results in a vibrating sound when we sleep. Sleeping sideways will probably stop this.

11. Allergies
Are you breathing through your mouth because of of allergies? Treat your allergies using herbal medicine and diet.

12. Sleeping pills make things worse
Sleeping pills and tranquilizers are muscle relaxants, and when our muscles get too relaxed – the snoring begins.

13. Smoking
Smoking creates nasal congestion which results in swelling of the throat. This swelling narrows the airway causing snoring.

14. Keep your bedroom dust-free
When we breathe dust enters our nose which blocks the airway causing snoring. Change your pillow covers regularly to ensure they are dust and germ-free. Or better still get hypo-allergenic bedding.

15. Fatigue
Not getting enough, regular sleep will cause the throat muscles to become too relaxed – causing snoring.

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