Men’s health- SOY?


To Soy or Not To Soy? Soy is a great source of plant protein and if grown properly, is rejuvenating for the earth – and us. Soy is nowadays mostly grown using GMO technology so you must buy it either GMO-free or better still – organic. (This includes when ordering at a Japanese/Thai/Vietnamese or any restaurant.)

Tempeh is a fermented soy product originating in Indonesia. Yes it is an acquired taste, so start by marinating it in GMO free tamari (wheat free soy sauce) and frying in coconut oil. Or try it in my Spaghetti Meat Ball recipe (see recipe below) or Gado Gado. Both recipes in my new book Janellas Super Natural Foods.

See if you can get your hands on Byron Bay Tempeh. They do soy-free tempeh made from either chickpea or fava (broad) bean. I have a slight obsession with this product.

Spaghetti and ‘meat’ balls

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