MTHFR: Lifestyle Tips.

Those with an MTHFR gene defect have a reduced ability to eliminate toxins, so it’s important to reduce the RE-tox, and increase the DE-tox. Here’s how –

1. Maintain good gut health: Eat foods that are easier to absorb, and also that your own body likes. Include fermented foods (unless there’s a histamine issue), and mostly cooked, whole plant foods – grown as close to the way nature intended as you can manage. Avoid processed foods as they often have synthetic folic acid added. Also avoid vegetable oils, transfers, refined grains and refined sugars, processed dairy and mass produced meat, chicken and fish. Too much alcohol isn’t a good idea either. Stress of any kind and good gut health do not go together.

Dark Leafy Greens: These contain the methylated forms of folate that those with a gene defect need. Eat loads of these.

2. Folic Acid: The synthetic form of folate. Avoid all forms as it cannot be used by those with a MTHFR defect and can be very toxic. It’s in many processed foods, many supplements, and wheat.
And avoid the things that can interfere with folate levels – some medications like the contraceptive pill, and also antacids as they can interfere with B-12 absorption.

3. Avoid Heavy Metals: Both in your diet or environment as they are harder to remove from the body for those with a gene defect, so they can cause acute and chronic toxicity. Some examples are mercury in tuna and farmed fish (salmon, barramundi, prawns) and dental fillings, lead in old houses, cadmium from smoking, aluminium in cookware, Heavy metals in diet or environment are harder to remove from the body for those with a gene defect, so I’m careful to avoid theseBtw, seaweeds reduce the absorption of heavy metals and also to help detox them out of your body. I eat one form or another pretty much everyday.

3. Supplements: Take L-MTHF forms of folate, which are the methylated forms that my body can use. You may also want to take a methyl-B12 which is supposed to help the body use L-MTHF. Then take what your tests (blood, stool, saliva) say you personally need. (Vitamins C, B, D, zinc etc) I personally take nothing for my own heterozygous mutation now, so know it may not be forever.

4. Detox your body: Do things that aid elimination via one detox pathway or another. (Btw we have 5 pathways to get toxins out – Liver, Kidneys, Lungs, Skin, Colon). Try taking liver herbs, drinking clean water, deep breathing techniques, skin brushing, infra red sauna, exercise and maintain healthy bowels.

5. Detox your home: Avoid plastics, chemicals in cosmetics (hair, body and mouth) and cleaning products, avoid antibacterial soaps and wipes. Indoor plants, orange lights and air purifiers will help detox your home, and definitely avoid tap water. Filter your drinking and if possible your shower water in you are on town water.

6. Meditate. Full stop!

My check list.

I wrote this for a Blog I wrote on the MTHFR gene mutation in 2014, after I was diagnosed with one gene mutation. Btw, I don’t take any supplements anymore.

1. Continuing eating and living a healthy, natural, and non-toxic life.
2. Meditate twice a day.
3. Continue to take high doses of zinc, B12, iron, methylfolate, Co Q10 and my herbal formula for my liver and hormone balance.
2. Make sure I’m getting loads of natural folate in my diet – leafy greens, legumes/lentils, citrus, etc
3. Avoiding the synthetic form of folic acid in supplements and fortified foods, and instead, use supplements with the methylfolate and methylcobalamin (B12).
5. Continue to avoid dairy and wheat products. There has been speculation that there is a correlation between mutations on the C677T gene and intolerances to these two foods.
6. Sweat as much as possible. Sweating is one of the best natural way’s to expel toxins from the body. (Sauna, exercise.)
7. Continue juicing a few times every week, if not daily. This is great for both folate and detoxification.

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