My Story

Early life

I grew up with a Lebanese mother and an Irish Father in Brisbane, and moved to Sydney in 1991 aged 22. Life in the kitchen, and garden, either growing or preparing healthy ingredients, was a major part of my life since I can remember. The problem was, I was always struggling with my digestion, weight, Endometriosis and my emotions. Western medicine recommended to remove my gall baldder (pre-teens) to ‘deal with’ my gut issues, (I still have it thank goodness), and to go on the pill to stop my periods, at 13yo. Eventually, 7 laparoscopies were performed on me to ‘treat’ the Endometriosis, and the pill provided me with chronic candida that has taken me decades to conquer. Naturally my health worsened from these treatments, so I knew I had to take control of it by learning as much as I could about traditional medicine. 




Sharing Knowledge

Due to these health issues as a girl, I was drawn into the exciting world of organics and natural health in my teens; and professionally since 1994. I became a wholefood chef almost by accident, (or destiny), which led me to studying and qualifying in Naturopathy, Nutritional Medicine and Herbal Medicine (1996), Kinesiology (2009), and Traditional Chinese Medicine (2007), as well as having a continued interest in Nutrigenomics (the study of the interaction between nutrition and genes), and Epi-Genetics (how our genes ‘express’ themselves according to our environment, not due the genetic code itself. Yes your life experiences and beliefs have the ability to modify your DNA, affecting not only you, but your children and grandchildren.




Taking Natural Health Mainstream

My ambition was to take whole foods and natural health to TV, and that’s exactly what happened in a TV career that spanned over a decade. From my start on morning TV in 2001, and as the chef/nutritionist on The Biggest Loser, to 4 seasons of Good Chef Bad Chef, and What’s Good For You, to most recently making short video clips for YouTube and social media. 4 books and many, many articles followed. My fifth book will be published in 2019.

Janella Purcell In The Herb Garden


Janella has published 4 best- selling and award winning books. Each one filled to the brim with recipes, and easy to digest information – for anyone wanting to achieve better health. Her 5th book  YOUR 40 DAY TRANSFORMATION will be available in OCTOBER 2019.


TV + Print

In 2001 Janella was the first to take food as medicine and natural health to the public via her career in tv and print media. From her start on morning tv, to most recently her own popular video clips, her wide reach continues to influence.


Byron Retreats

Janella’s cottage in Coorabell is now available to you for personalised and private Retreats. Each unique program is designed to dissolve years of accumulated stress from your body, leaving you feeling lighter and more inspired in every way.



Healthy, tasty, ethical and environmentally friendly recipes for all different needs and cooking abilities. From the basic to exotic – vegetarian, vegan, gluten, dairy, nut, soy and grain-free meals, snacks, drinks, smoothies and sweets.


  • Crohn’s: I was able to gradually come off all medications

    Seeing Janella gave me the confidence to embrace some big changes which have had amazing benefits for my overall health and wellbeing. After decades on a range of drugs for crohn's disease, I was able to gradually come off all medications. I have never felt healthier or happier!

    Chris Mental Health Worker
  • Her beautiful, warm and non-judgemental personality

    Janella has a wealth of experience and knowledge covering many different modalities of natural health. Her beautiful, warm and non-judgemental personality allows you to talk freely about any topic, enabling you to improve all aspects of your life and health. Janella not only helps you improve your life, but she educates you at the same time, enabling you to navigate the world in the healthiest way possible. I have learnt so much from Janella over the years, for which I am truly grateful.

    Darwin Scientist, 34
  • I always get so much

    I always get so much out of our sessions. I walk out all happy and inspired. Janella has a way of always making me feel heard and supported. She has a gift that’s for sure.

    Rebecca Mum, 36
  • Ovarian Cancer

    Ovarian Cancer. I first came to see Janella for a private consultation following surgery for ovarian cancer. At the time, I had many people telling me what I needed to “do” post diagnosis, but I knew I needed simplicity; I needed a single source of credible information and support. My decision to make that first appointment with Janella was one of the best decisions of my life. Janella’s passion for, and depth of knowledge of, all things health and wellness are second to none. Her guidance – nutritionally and spiritually - has helped me evolve my life on so many levels. I now refer family, friends, and my own clients to Janella as I know, with confidence, she will provide the appropriate holistic and naturopathic direction specific to their individual needs. Janella – thank you, with love.

    Sue Personal Trainer/Meditation Teacher /Facilitator, 51
  • One Skype consultation gave me what I needed

    Janella, through one Skype consultation, gave me a road map of diet & meditation and a mixture of herbs that have helped get me back on track. I am finally excited about everything again and can’t wait to take on the year ahead. I suffered from lack of energy and severe brain fog for years & was recently diagnosed with an auto immune disease, the treatment I received from “Specialist Doctors” was poor to say the least. Janella talked me through the deeper causes and triggers, showed me the correct foods and made me a special tonic that has changed my life. I can’t thank her enough.

    Mick Entrepreneur, 42,
  • MS: I feel in control again

    I feel in control of my health again! I’ve had many consultations with Janella over the past few years after being diagnosed with MS. She has guided and supported me to make positive changes that have improved my health immensely. Janella has given me back my strength and I feel in control of my health again!  

    Maree Primary School Teacher, 42
  • I absolutely adore my regular “tune-ups”

    I absolutely adore my regular “tune-ups” with Janella where she empties her wisdom and I soak up as much as I can. She has a clever knack of delivering just the right amount of knowledge. It never feels like a consultation it always feels as if I am sitting down chatting with an old friend.

    Kate Mum and Blogger, 43

Janella can help you with

Poor Digestion
Weight Loss or Diet
Reproductive Issues

Anxiety and Depression
Auto-Immune Disorders
Adrenal and Chronic Fatigue
Lack of Libido
and so much more


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