One Pot Winter Warmers: Miso Soup

Ahhhh, my most regularly eaten dish I reckon. Thank Goodness. A few images below of its different looks. Instead of the kombu (unavailable in Oz now) in this recipe – use 1 tbsp powdered dulse, nori or wakame. I use buckwheat noodles or rice noodles sometimes also. I also use organic soy, black bean or mung bean noodles when I have them. You’ll find these at your health food store. Use organic miso paste, as soy beans are mostly grown using GMO technology
Miso is great to help balance gut flora, blood sugar and helps to remove toxins from your body. My go-to recipe when I’m feeling b-nauseous, grose, tired, shabby, bloated – yucky fro any reason. It always grounds me, and sorts me right out.

miso 1

miso 2

miso 3

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