Panchakarma: What I ate for 21 Days

Breakfast was a small bowl of paw paw, about one cup. If I was having a basti (enema) then I skipped breakfast and had it after that ‘delightful’ process.

Mid Morning – I had a pomegranate (coz they’re abundant in India, super healthy, and I LOVE them) or a mandarin.

Lunch was 2 small bowls of food – one was a stirred veggie in a tiny bit of ghee and some cumin seeds (great for digestion), and the other was a really thin Dahl (lentil soup). Seriously, I was full after this.

Dinner – I usually tried to miss this meal, but any Ayurvedic doctor said I should have something to keep my digestion working. I know my body likes it when I don’t eat dinner, but I was a good patient and surrendered to listening to him, sometimes…

I drank one or two cups of tulsi or chai (or combined) tea a day and lots of clean water. (Not as much as I should’ve I must admit – and this was because I went out (shopping, exercising, sight seeing or visiting a temple or ashram) after my 9am treatments each day, and going to the toilet in India is not pretty!

Hunger didn’t seem to be an issue whilst I was doing PK, even though I was exercising quite a bit and I was eating less than I normally would. And some of the best news is that I haven’t gained back any of the 4kg I lost on PK, (and 3kg more since home). This is unusual for me as it usually finds its way back to me after my week of juice fasting each year in Bali. PK helps your body balance so it works better for you.



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