PCOS – Polycistic Ovarian Syndrome

PCOS – Polycistic Ovarian Syndrome is characterized by high androgen (testosterone) levels, causing –

– Irregular menstrual cycle, or no cycle
– Hair loss
– Acne
– Weight gain
– Excess hair growth in all the wrong places
– Blood sugar issues

Helpful Foods and Herbs

  • Omega 3 foods ike flax, hemp, chia, sustainably-caught deafood (not tuna due to high mercury levels ands not farmed salmon)
  • Spearmint Tea: A study was conducted in Turkey where women with PCOS were advised to drink 2 cups of spearmint tea per day for a month. Androgen levels were significantly lower after a month.
  •  Saw Palmetto: You may benefit from taking an herb named as Saw Palmetto to help both testosterone levels.
  •  Fenugreek: This spice promotes glucose metabolism that in turn helps regulate the hormones in your body.
  •  Licorice: (the real stuff, not the sugary lollie) This root promotes ovulation and inhibits an enzyme required for the production of testosterone.
  •  Tulsi (Holy Basil) It has anti androgenic properties that also help in managing insulin levels. Just chew upon 8-12 leaves a day, or ask at your health food store.
  •  Vitex (Chaste Tree) see earlier post.

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