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Spelt Pasta with Smoked Tofu and Broccolini

Yields1 Serving

 1 packet spelt spaghetti or gluten free pasta
 2 spring onion, white parts chopped finely
 2 anchovies (optional)
 1 – 2 tbsp olive oil
 2 garlic cloves, crushed
 1 – 2 tsp chilli fresh or flaked (up or down – up to you)
 1 cup smoked tofu, cubed
 ½ bunch broccolini, blanched
 1 tbsp lemon rind, grated
 1 tbsp capers
 cracked pepper
 1 cup of mint and parsley, roughly chopped
 garnish with lemon cheeks and olive oil

In a pan let the spring onion and anchovies gently melt in the olive oil then add the garlic and chili. Now stir through the tofu. Cook gently for a minute then take the pan off the heat.


Meanwhile put a pot of water on the heat and bring to a rolling simmer. Place the trimmed broccolini in the water and blanch for about 30 seconds, keeping it green. Refresh it under cold water to stop it cooking. Set aside. Now place the pasta in the water and cook until al dente.


Meanwhile, place the pan back on the heat and add the broccolini, lemon rind and capers. Stir to combine then toss in the pasta, then finish with the herbs and pepper. Garnish.