Selenium- good for thyroids

Our thyroids have been really affected in recent times thanks to a lack of iodine and selenium in the soil, nutrient-deficient, highly processed foods, man-made chemicals and too much stress.

The main food sources of Selenium in Australia are meat, poultry and game products; cereal products, fish and seafood. However soil concentration of selenium varies widely and affects levels in plant food, and Australian soils are known to be selenium deficient.

Selenium boosts antioxidant activity, is very important for proper functioning of the thyroid gland, Immune system and lowers your risk of joint inflammation.

High selenium yeast has emerged in recent times as the preferred option for selenium supplementation because it is natural and contains a wide range or organically bound selenium-rich proteins.

Supplement: I recommend Lifestream ‘Natural Selenium’ – a wholefood source, cultured from selenium rich yeast that is 100% organically bound.


Food as Medicine: 3-4 Brazil Nuts a Day – there’s anywhere from 50mcg to 90mcg of selenium in each nut.


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