Spring- salad season

Spring is the season when your energy moves ‘up and out’ of your body, so the food you choose now should do the same. That is, grow ‘up and out’ – be the lightest of the year, full of young plants, fresh greens, sprouts and cereal grasses.

Excess salt from foods such as animal products and, to a lesser extent, soy sauce and miso should be avoided now. Too much of this kind of food burdens the liver, resulting in spring fevers, allergies, moodiness, skin and productive problems and feeling sluggish.

If you listen to your body, you will naturally crave lighter foods such as juices and salads—this is to clear your body of the extra fats, oils and other heavy foods (heat) consumed throughout winter to keep you warm. That extra kilo or two should naturally come off now.

The organs associated with spring are the liver and gallbladder. Sweet and pungent flavours are recommended at this time of year. (Excerpt from my book ‘Elixir: How To Use food As Medicine’.)



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