Sulphur Dioxide – AVOID.

Unless stated otherwise, food with an extended shelf life will contain a preservative called sulfur dioxide, which inhibits the growth of micro-organisms and prevents discolouration. It’s also added to fruit juices, vinegar, processed meat and wine, some pharmaceutical drugs – just to name a few.

Sulfur dioxide has been linked to asthma, allergies and cancer. The ‘Acceptable Daily Intake’ for a ten-year-old weighing 21 kg is only 15 mg of sulfite per day. So how much are you and your kids consuming?

• one dried apricot—16 g
• half a thin sausage—8 mg
• one glass of cordial—5 mg
• hot chips—1 mg

Sulfur dioxide may cause asthma symptoms, including wheezing, difficulty in breathing and life-threatening reactions. It states that most reactions are a result of inhaling sulfur dioxide generated by food containg sulfites while you are eating. Actually, you don’t even need to eat it – just inhaling it has the same affect.

If the dried fruit or wine – or any other packaged food/drink – you buy is sulfite-free, it will proudly say so. If it is organic, it will be automatically sulfite-free. (Part from wine as they are allowed a certain amount. I buy sulphur-free wine.)

Excerpt from my book ‘Elixir: How To Use For As Medicine.’

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