Sunflower (and all) sprouts are a concentrated…

Sunflower (and all) sprouts are a concentrated source of the living enzymes and ‘life force’ that is lost when foods are cooked or not picked fresh from your own garden. Additionally, due to their high enzyme content, sprouts are also much easier to digest than the seed or bean from which they came. All nutrients necessary for life are contained in seeds—a food category that includes grain kernels, beans, legumes and nuts.

Here’s a guide on how to spout your own. If you’d like more detail, there’s plenty of info on the Net.

1. Get yourself some raw, unsalted, hulled sunflower seeds. All you need to do is place one or two tablespoons of seeds (or grains) in a jars and cover them with pure water. Put them in a dark place at room temperature overnight.

2. Allow the jar to sit for about 8 hours. During this period, the seeds should begin to sprout. Wait until the seeds have nearly doubled in size and the sprout has begun to emerge.

3. Rinse and return them to the jar. Make sure to cover the jar again.

4. Wait. Let them sit in the jar, in a cool or room temperature location with no direct sunlight, for 1-3 days until they’ve finished sprouting. Rinse them and return them to the jar 1 or 2 times a day until they are done.

5. When they’ve started to sprout and look like little V’s, they’re ready to eat. Rinse them a final time and enjoy! #SunflowerWeek

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