The Energetics Of Herbs in Skincare

There are so many reasons I love being 52, but age spots and red patchy skin aren’t up there on the list of my favourite things. So if they decide to start vanishing, after giving my skin a daily treat of herbal medicine that’s been valued for it’s healing properties for centuries, and grown lovingly somewhere akin to paradise, and at the same time helping to relax and unwind my nervous system, then why wouldn’t I? 
Most of us can grow some herbs at home, and amongst the easiest are Rosemary, Comfrey and Calendula.
If you’re not quite there with the whole garden goddess thing, then have a look at The Herb Farm Skincare range from New Zealand, now available to us in Australia. 
Since 1993 they’ve been taking the hard work out of enjoying these ancient medicinal herbs at home. Not only are TheHerb Farm Skincare delicious products available internationally, but they’re formulated in a way that suits the modern woman’s skin – her spirit or #Shen as it’s referred to in Traditional Chinese Medicine. And goodness knows our mostly dry Aussie skin could use a drink, and some nurturing.
The Herb Farm Skincare uses these healing herbs in their skincare for the same reason our foremothers did – for radiant and dewy skin thats reflects our overall wellbeing. 
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Why have we used these particular herbs in skincare for centuries…
Rosemary is known to increase circulation thanks to its slightly warming nature that contains a chemical known as carnosol, and is a major contributor to rosemary’s incredible antioxidant action. Carnosol has additionally been found to be anti-inflammatory. Rosemary is used effectively to lighten dark spots and blemishes on the skin resulting in an enviable skin tone and a glowing complexion. And…these properties of rosemary help protect our skin and prevent signs of premature ageing by reducing both swelling and puffiness of the skin. 
Comfrey is a cool and moist herb usually found growing by lakes or in swampy areas. It has the highest mucilage (gooey) content of any herb, so it is a very moistening, incredibly soothing, calming, and healing herb. Ideal for healing acne, chapped, damaged, and irritated skin. It has long been valued on an energetic level as it ‘heals wounds so deep that it has a profound effect on the soul’s journey’. Used for its anti-inflammatory and regenerative purposes, it activates the healing process after environmental damage. Comfrey is ideal for dry skin, (and the compost bin too). 
Calendula is a cooling herb, ruled by the sun, with a great affinity to the solar plexus – helping us to shine, feel our own innate power, and and bring forth our confidence into the world. It usually blooms at the new moon each month in summer, and has traditionally been used in ritual to ‘inspire optimism and vitality and to attract success in every area of life’. Its protective energy draws light and love into our energy field, protecting us from negative influences. Calendula contains anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that treat most common skin conditions. It’s also good for reducing bruises, cuts, scars, and sores.

Calendula in my garden

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