Vitamin B6- PMT

Vitamin B6 assists in the production of dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter that eases anger, depression and breast tenderness. You’ll 1.2 – 2mg a day depending on what age and stage you’re at. You’ll need more throughout pregnancy, lactation and menopause – and of course if your PMT is causing choas. Below – milligrams per 100gram serving.

Sunflower Seeds 1.35
Pistachios 1.1
Chickpeas 1.1
Dried prunes 0.75
Quinoa 0.5
Potatoes 0.4
Millet 0.5
Bananas 0.37

I like to get as many nutrients as I can into one yummy mouthful. My ‪#‎BlissBalls‬ are a perfect way. I sometimes add whole food supplements to boost it even more. Lifestreams ‘B Complex’ and ‘Essential Greens +’ are available at health food stores and pharmacies throughout Oz and NZ, or on line at

My Bliss Ball recipe –

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