Vitamin C- good for treating allergies

Vitamin C is an important antioxidant, and is needed for a healthy immune function. It also keeps our skin supple and elastic thanks to its role in collagen production, and supporting wound healing and circulation.

Extra Vitamin C will be needed in times of stress, and in treating allergies like eczema, asthma, sinusitis, dermatitis and hives. RDI is 75mg per day.

Our bodies can’t make this essential vitamin and we can’t store it for more than a couple of hours. So it’s important we are getting enough, regularly. And of course it’s best to get your daily intake of Vitamin C as naturally as possible.

Lifestream have just launched a 100% natural wholefood Vitamin C powder that can be added to cereal, salads, smoothies, juices and other dishes. I’ve put it in my ‘Immunity Nut Butter Cups’ below.

A wholefood Vitamin C, it’s made from acerola berries and is readily absorbed by the body (unlike synthetic vitamin supplements). As a bonus – it tastes really yummy on its own.

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