Wholefood vs Synthetic Supplements.

I know most of us, after looking at our yellow urine, post taking a Vitamin B supplement – wonder if we’re absorbing any of it at all.It’s a valid question.

Most supplements available in Australia today are made up of synthetic ingredients artificially created in a laboratory, and use only the isolated vitamin, and often in high doses. It looks good on the label but often our bodies can’t use these high doses so will often excrete them.

Vitamins are highly complex structures, not just an isolated ingredient. Nature has perfectly put together a complex structure of macro and micro-nutrients, co-factors and enzymes, coenzymes, antioxidants, trace elements, activators and many other as yet unknown or undiscovered factors – all working together beautifully to enable this vitamin to do its job in your body.

Nature has been perfecting itself for millions of years so why start messing with it now. Especially to go backwards and use synthetic ingredients, that we can’t use, and damage the earth.

By isolating one part of a vitamin, then synthesizing it into a supplement, is not going to do as much good as topping up your nutritional needs with a whole food supplements that our body recognizes and will use. Plus, you have the added bonus of adding it to our meals. (See my simple and yummy recipes on ways to do this.)

When you take a wholefood supplement you’re taking concentrated wholefoods. That’s it! No artificial colours, flavours, buffers, coatings, lactose, gluten and other nasty things. These are wholefoods that have been dehydrated and put in a bottle. (A BPA- free recyclable bottle that is.)

Lifestream’s Natural Vitamin B Complex is high quality, organic quinoa sprouts, and that’s it! Their Natural Vitamin C – acerola berries, that’s it. Spirulina is only spirulina, and Ultimate Veggies is veggies and herbs! And all very easy to absorb (bioavailable) – leaky gut or not.

Lifestream’s vegan, wholefood supplements are made of a combination of ethical, sustainable and natural elements that work together as opposed to one synthetic element operating in isolation. It just make sense to follow Mother Nature’s lead to eat food as close to the way is has been provided to us. So why not do the same with our supplements? I do, and so have many others over the past 30 years that Lifestream has made it possible for us to do so.

Janella Purcell





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