Why the problem with fructose?

Why the problem with fructose? Unlike other foods, fructose doesn’t satisfy hunger. So we can eat and eat and eat it past what is required or needed. Weight gain and a myriad other health issues result form an excessive intake of fructose. Issues such as chronic diseases like heart disease, type 2 diabetes and even some cancers.

Most people eat and dink more fructose than their digestive system can absorb. The majority of us cannot properly digest all the fructose we get every day from an apparently normal and healthy diet. A healthy adult can properly digest 25-50 grams of fructose per day, but many people have difficulty digesting less than that, and some of us struggle digesting any fructose at all.

Fructose intake should be kept to around 3 g/serving. A can of soft drink for example contains 20-35 grams. Be mindful of the fact that Fructose-containing foods are better tolerated in several smaller servings throughout the day and not on an empty stomach.


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