Toxic Silence:

Finding Health Through Authenticity

Janella Purcell discusses the link between stored trauma and health, and the deadliness of suppressed emotions. 

Toxic Silence

Finding Health Through Authenticity

Janella Purcell discusses the mind-body link between trauma and the deadliness of suppressed emotions.



Why the Pod?

The idea for Toxic Silence – the Pod’, came to me like a bolt of lightning one day (actually November 25, 2023). I had been thinking of new ways to share what I had been observing in my clients for over 2 decades in private practice as a healer. And of course in myself. And that is…

You can eat all the right foods, do all the right exercises, go to bed early – even on New Year’s Eve, and limit your alcohol – on your birthday no less – but if you’re not listening to that quiet voice within, the one that knows what’s ultimately best for you – there’s likely gonna be trouble. Especially if you are an emotional, sensitive, intuitive soul. 

Let’s face it, some of us just are more sensitive than others. Some of us literally absorb information via our skin, unconsciously. Ayurveda has a term for this – samana vayu. It is responsible for the processing and assimilation of all that is taken in: food, emotions, perceptions and breath.

So if, like me this is you, you’re going to love this podcast as it’s going to help you understand why – after doing seemingly all the ‘right things’ – your health is still not great. Or worse, you’re really struggling. 

So what’s so important about needing to live an authentic life? Well, just about everything. The repercussions of living someone else’s idea of what your life should look like is making us very, very sick indeed – in body, mind and spirit.

I realise for some of us this is going to be a hard pill to swallow, as aren’t we feeling victimised enough after being silenced for most of our lives, in one way or another? Yeah, sure. But a victim is only a victim if we remain in the same situation, unchanged. This podcast is going to help us step into our own power and live our lives from there. 

I’m asking some of the world’s leading experts, healers and thought leaders why it’s so important to live an authentic life. Why living a sovereign life is essential to our wellbeing.

My aim in speaking with experts in their various fields, exploring their cutting-edge research and current science proving the link between trauma, addictions, behaviour, thought patterns and dis-ease – is that we’ll start to really understand that good health is not only about the physical. 

What science is now proving is what our ancestors have known for millennia about the possible health outcomes of people-pleasing – which is really just a nicer way of saying – not living an authentic life – the life we were born to live. And that not listening to our gut is in fact – deadly.

But why don’t we? It must be said – it’s mostly females who have been conditioned in this way. Not only females of course, but it’s mostly women apologising for just about everything we say, do, eat, dream and think. But it’s also any minority group, or rebel (those ahead of their time) that seem to experience oppression. 

Both expression and a sense of belonging are essential for our wellbeing. And when the two clash, we will often choose a sense of belonging over self-expression. Why, and what then? Dis-ease is what.

In this podcast, I will highlight how the extreme fear of being unloved and rejected by our tribe – our world – and the subsequent reaction of being ‘nice,’ and the reluctance to ‘rock the boat’ creates inflammation in the body.

More than that, I want to explore how inflammation can lead to increased morbidity (suffering), and disease.

My podcast Toxic Silence will reveal how self-betrayal is intrinsically linked – through the mind-body connection – to the way dis-ease can manifest. I will emphasise the importance of community, and the consequences of choosing attachment over authenticity. Or belonging over self-expression.

In each of the 13 episodes in this first series, we’ll learn together how people-pleasing is leading to physical, spiritual and mental health issues, and how to stop it, as well as the many ways we can heal the ill-effects of this learned behaviour.

And don’t forget to checkout my Spotify playlist, that I’ve curated for you, for those times when you need a bit of connection and healing in between episodes.

I hope you love this podcast as much as Ive enjoyed putting it together for you. And for a better, healthier and fairer world.

Toxic Silence is for anyone who:

  • Can feel their emotions affecting their health, physically or mentally.
  • Is interested in learning more about the mind-body connection.
  • Suspects their body may hold past traumas, creating disease – and how to remove the trauma.
  • Has less than perfect health and is unsure why.
  • Has a healthy diet and lifestyle but still struggles with their health.
  • Is tired of the misinformation from the wellness industry, sick-care, Big Pharma and Big Food.
  • Wants to better understand the interconnectedness of mind-body-spirit, and learn about different remedies to heal.
  • Feels frustrated by the false, contradicting and often dangerous health advice from influencers and wellness ‘experts’.
  • Seeks a trusted source of information based on decades of research, clinical practice and lived experience.

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