Antioxidants are a generic term that describes the mopping up of free radicals (the bad guys) in your body – […]

Red Meat – What To Look For & Avoid

Red Meat It’s looking likely that the association between eating meat (lamb, beef, veal, pork) and cancer may be in […]

Bone Broth

Bone Broth Bone broth is really just stock that’s been cooked for a long time. We now know that slow-cooked […]

Folate in Wheat

Our wheat has been fortified with folic acid – the synthetic form of folate (vitamin B9) since the 1990’s. It’s […]


Chicken Red meat has traditionally been Australia’s favourite meat, but we’re now eating half as much lamb as we were […]


Salicylates In the 1960s, rheumatologists noticed that some children taking arthritis medication were behaving strangely. One professor reported a patient […]


Pork What’s more important when you’re looking for safe and ethical pork products? That they’re allowed to free-range, they’re nitrate […]

Wholefood vs Synthetic Supplements.

Most supplements available in Australia today are made up of synthetic ingredients artificially created in a laboratory, and use only the isolated vitamin, and often in high doses. It looks good [...]

Janella’s Stress Belly Week: Farmed Salmon vs Wild Salmon.

Sadly today’s farmed salmon is one of the most toxic foods in the world. The only safe salmon to eat […]

Janella’s Iron Week: iron is important.

Many people think that only women suffer from an iron deficiency, and usually only after menstruation, and that the only […]