Folate in Wheat

Our wheat has been fortified with folic acid – the synthetic form of folate (vitamin B9) since the 1990’s. It’s […]


Eggs   It’s a good idea to leave eggs out of your diet during your 40 Day Reset, or at […]


Chicken Red meat has traditionally been Australia’s favourite meat, but we’re now eating half as much lamb as we were […]


Salicylates In the 1960s, rheumatologists noticed that some children taking arthritis medication were behaving strangely. One professor reported a patient […]


Pork What’s more important when you’re looking for safe and ethical pork products? That they’re allowed to free-range, they’re nitrate […]


Bromines are a class of halogens that include fluoride, chlorine and iodine. Exposure to bromine can lead to a bromine […]